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- Jeawin Huang
86 - 592 - 85150018

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Regarded as one of the largest and most technical pressure vessel manufacturer in China, DFC Tank Pressure Vessel Manufacturer Co., Ltd is strategically located in North China. Our products provides a full services for oil, gas, refinery, pharmacy, chemistry, water and other process industries. As a professional pressure vessel manufacturer, we have earned our reputation home and abroad.
Our main products include: fermentation vessel, storage vessel, heat exchanger, pressure vessel, water filter, separator, cement storage silo, air coolers, rectifying columns, condensers, separators, filters, liquid storage tanks, surge tanks, liquid ammonia storage tanks, LPG tanks, reactors, reaction stills, reaction furnaces, waste heat boilers and so on.
We have strict development and research team, the effective administration department who make the best products continuously exceeding the expectation of our clients.
We offer our clients with the most cost-effective products with the compellent quality and the lowest  impact on environment. website:

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